Researchers’ mission to generate publications that are visible in the academic community and generate scientific, social, economic or other kinds of impact is becoming increasingly complicated, due to the exponential growth in volume of the scientific literature. ICT tools for the various needs of researchers’ contribute significantly to the increase in their presence and visibility in scientific communities, at national, regional and global levels. It is ICT tools that have revolutionized scientific communication via such phenomena as Open Access, and more recently, Open Science.

  • We promote the concepts of Open Science and Open Access in the Republic of Moldova and actively contribute to the implementation of relevant principles and practices.
  • We provide up-to-date information about the relevant evolutions and trends in the field of Open Science.
  • We offer consultancy and support for increasing the visibility of scientific activities, both at the author level (creating and maintaining accounts in Google Scholar,, ResearchGate, using Publish or Perish for citation count), and at the publication or journal level.